History of Video Games

Video games in the beginning were anything but games. In the 1950s they were designed to test the intelligence of computers. To get to the real fun we will have to wait twenty years. In ’72, in California, Pong made its debut a large cabinet with one screen and two wheels.

Chinese Go - board games' history

Origin and History of Board Games

In this article we will trace the origin and history of board games from before the new era. Why in the 21st century would something offline like board games be a reason to relax and gather tens of thousands of people? Today is the age of the internet, where everything happens in seconds and the …

The Origins of Playing Cards

The origins of playing cards are lost in the mists of time; the first evidence dates back to the 10th century in China and India with ganjifa. Some historians link the origin of cards to the birth of paper money precisely in the Asian continent, in this vision the means and the stakes of gambling merged into a single vehicle.